Fortifying the U.S. Clean Energy EcosystemFortifying the U.S. Clean Energy Ecosystem

Case Study

Fortifying the U.S. Clean Energy Ecosystem

Case Study



The clean energy ecosystem across the globe is thriving – and following the passage of President Biden's Inflation Reduction Act, an additional $240 billion investment is supercharging innovation and deployment across the United States.

To help guide public- and private-sector investment, innovation and implementation, the Northeast Clean Energy Council (NECEC) partnered with Manhattan Strategies. One of the Council’s core services is advising both startups and municipalities on how to work with one another – bringing both new solutions to the public, as well as insights and opportunity into the innovation ecosystem.

Uniquely, municipalities and early-stage and growth companies are often outliers in this ecosystem: they have the highest demands, yet the fewest resources. With this dynamic in mind, Manhattan Strategies designed a solution with maximum utility. The resulting toolkit included a complementary set of intuitive, visual and engaging climate action playbooks.

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