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We Believe

People are motivated by what they see – and in an age of rapidly evolving socioeconomic dynamics, a good idea on its own is not good enough.

To drive action, you need to influence perception.
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Embrace the Human Experience

Humans are wired to communicate visually. We remember 10% that we read, 20% what we hear and 80% what we see.

Win in the Attention Economy

Peoples’ attention is currency. We operate in a 24/7, digitally-distracted environment – constantly checking in and checking out.

Empower Emerging Leaders

Society is orienting its trust to a new generation of change-makers: digital natives who are guided by moral principles and energized by movement.


Manhattan Strategies seeks to change the paradigm of communication, elevating the strength to voices who advocate for change.

We do it by putting a design studio and communication firm under one roof, marrying creative consideration with storytelling that transcends language and geographic barriers and inspires people at the deepest level.

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